We skillfully choose typography, color pallets, and illustration to craft a logo design that encompasses who you are and what you do based on keystone notes and inspiration images.


Branding is more than just a set of colors or typefaces. We use branding to shine a light on your company, product, and service, so people can clearly perceive what your mission is all about.


Our illustration services are commissioned by the client, therefore they can be tailored by our team to correctly communicate your concept or vision.


We are not in the business of producing low-quality design work. Rather, we choose to pack each layout with all the beautiful custom details that make each final product memorable for your audience.


Every company has a message to share. We help our clients utilize strategic marketing practices to tell their story and describe their product or services in a way that will be sellable to the target audience.


Our creative coaching sessions are an effective way to remove roadblocks and navigate problematic situations with an expert's oversight- reducing stress, cost and accelerating progress.


We are trained, skilled, and driven to make every project a work of art


Founder & Creative Director


Freelance Illustrator & Motion Designer


Freelance Designer & Photographer


Rob Jelinski began his career in the design industry after graduating from a trade school based in Montclair, New Jersey in 2003. After interning at Hoboken advertising agency, Liz Young Studios now known as STUDIO, llc., he was hired by Met-Speed Label, a small printing company. This job quickly equipped Rob with a strong production background. After advancing in the print industry with titles ranging from production artist to print designer and prepress manager to creative director, Jelinski launched out on own his journey of entrepreneurship in 2009, founding Rob Jelinski Studios. Since that day, our mission at R.J.S. has been to equip small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs with quality creative services, essential to success, at an affordable price.