09 May


A few days ago, I won NeedToBreathe Tickets from Star 99.1. I’ve been a fan of their music for about two years now and I listen to their music a lot when I design. I’ve noticed the band’s art direction and design at many different times and that it was killer. When I found out I won a grand prize meet and greet and that the Bo Rinehart, Bear’s brother,  handed all creative as well as signing/ playing, I decided to do an illustration you see here. Needless to say they were even more amazing live and this is a really cool moment that marketing helped happen. Thank you Star and NeedToBreathe for the vibes. Enjoy the line drawing. – Rob Jelinski NeedToBreathe – Meet and Greet.     Photo Credit: LuAnn Schafer, Star 99.1
01 Mar

Increase Productivity

Hello Everyone- As the winter finally, almost ends, it’s time for each of us to continue to increase our workflow, efforts and productivity! Here are a few LifeHacks I use on a regular basis and ones I recommend to the clients I coach almost daily. Workflow – Process like-jobs, projects, and leads in blocks of time If you work with various types projects in your work (like most entrepreneurs) you will find that you need to organize your thoughts and time to make the best use of them. Grouping all of your art direction projects, social media captions, or sales responses together into one sitting helps you to strike while the iron is hot. Efforts – Find a Mentor So you are a hard worker and have a well-defined business and yet you don’t see as much growth and increase as you would like. What do you do? Try to… Read More »
06 Jan

The Bell Of Entrepreneurship

  Yesterday, I had the honor of attending a closing bell ceremony with our community partner, Rising Tide Capital at the New York Stock Exchange. It was quite an experience to be in such a place of international commerce.   We were warmly welcomed by NYSE staff with gold, engraved name plates and then ushered off to an executive lounge overlooking Wall Street. Jim Byrne, Managing Director of U.S. Listings, gave a very insightful speech about our countries beginnings of trade and the wealth and goodness found in entrepreneurial dreams. As he so eloquently described the courage, determination, and tenacity it takes to be “the backbone of our country,” as an entrepreneur “risking it all, everyday, with nerves of steel,” I realized that he was not just speaking directly to me or just to Alfa Demmellash and Alex Forrester, but he was speaking to every single entrepreneur that has ever… Read More »
04 Jan


  Eight years ago, Rob Jelinski dreamed of building a thriving design studio- A company that would live boldly, love the work of our hands, and set trends! Today, that company is called Rob Jelinski Studios and 100% of the clients we provide creative services to are small businesses, startups, and growing entrepreneurs. We are proud of that and our very talented team of designers that help us we serve each one of our clients with high quality and affordable prices. We have a lot of fun doing it too! Shout out to our GIF designer, Julian Bracero for his skills on all of the RJS VIII Motion! Help us spread creativity today by sharing a photo of a project we created with you with the official trend #RJSVIII