The Bell Of Entrepreneurship



Yesterday, I had the honor of attending a closing bell ceremony with our community partner, Rising Tide Capital at the New York Stock Exchange. It was quite an experience to be in such a place of international commerce.


We were warmly welcomed by NYSE staff with gold, engraved name plates and then ushered off to an executive lounge overlooking Wall Street. Jim Byrne, Managing Director of U.S. Listings, gave a very insightful speech about our countries beginnings of trade and the wealth and goodness found in entrepreneurial dreams. As he so eloquently described the courage, determination, and tenacity it takes to be “the backbone of our country,” as an entrepreneur “risking it all, everyday, with nerves of steel,” I realized that he was not just speaking directly to me or just to Alfa Demmellash and Alex Forrester, but he was speaking to every single entrepreneur that has ever wondered if their dream was good enough, if they had the courage it would take to succeed, or if they could make it through tough times.




So yesterday, as we stood on the Bell Podium or on the Trading Floor below to ring in a new year and close out the day of trading, we rang the bell of entrepreneurship for all to hear that you can succeed, you can make it!

– Rob Jelinski


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