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RJS was once again commissioned by IAM, but this time to create the event branding for their 1st annual music and fashion conference. The creative brief called out for the design to ring true to the IAM company, yet have it's own vibe to help distinguish it for upcoming years. We achieved this goal by designing the color prisms and logo typography inside a pyramid. We then added ombré color bleeding onto a dark, grungy background to give it a different persona. All materials, including talent images, had to adhere to marketing guidelines from management firms as the kick off conference included headliners, Nina Sky and Combat Jack.


Inspired Artist Movement (IAM) is an artist support organization for creative professionals and influencers in music and fashion. We aim to provide a platform to engage artists in networking, learning and exposure opportunities through a series of events with field experts. IAM also believes in empowering artists to affect positive social change through their artistry.


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