Winter Design Internship



As we get ready to wrap up the Fall season, we are proudly opening up enrollment for our Winter 90 Day Internships!
Our 90 day Internship program was created to equip eager design professionals with mentorship and work experience in the industry while helping them build their portfolio and develop their unique skillset.


– Eye for great design
– Love of Typography
– Understanding of Branding
– Comfortable using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign
– Attention to detail and timely turn around

– Entry level experience as a freelancer


Send your portfolio link and pdf resume before November 30th to be considered
*This is an offsite, virtual internship not limited by geographic location and requires about 6 project hours per week.



My experience with the 90 Day internship program has been amazing! Each project Rob gave pushed me to be a better designer. Before entering the internship I didn’t even consider myself a designer and only really saw my design skills as an added bonus to my work as a communications professional. Now I’m growing stronger in my skills by the day and would call myself a graphic designer and do so with confidence. Rob is an awesome teacher and sees things in you that you may not see in yourself and pulls them out of you. I would recommend this 90 internship to anyone interested in strengthening their skills in designs or to learn new skills. This is a great opportunity to push yourself to be a better designer, communicator and all around creative.
– Tatyerra, Design Intern, Fall 2016


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